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This page is outdated, new site is www.mylittlekaraoke.com

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Welcome to the My Little Karaoke download page!

Our goal is to make you sing, sing, sing!
The My Little Karaoke: Singing is Magic project is a collaborative effort, focusing on MLP music (original and derivative works). We're trying our best to create an awesome My Little Pony song pack for Karaoke games such as UltraStar Deluxe, Performous and Vocaluxe (Singstar clones).

See here who's working on this!


Complete Pack

Torrent Download
This is the recommended download (1.2 Gb).
Features high-quality audio tracks and 720p background videos.

Lightweight Pack

Torrent Download
No background videos (334 Mb).
Use this pack on low-end computers, or to save space.

How does this work?

  • Install either UltraStar Deluxe, Performous or Vocaluxe. Many other software might support the song pack, too!
  • Download the song pack and extract it.
  • Copy the extracted folders inside the /song/ directory of your chosen game.

Click here for a quick screenshot guide of the installation instructions.

If you need any help, head to our forums!

Trailer Video

Other Stuff

  • Want to create a game case for your collection? Print this cover, buy a cheap used PS3 game to get its case - done!
  • Yes, you might have heard of this game on Twitter before (use the #mlksim tag!)
  • This project has a Deviantart group page.
  • Want more songs? Join our forums!
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